The Start Of Something New! The True Creator Podcast

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2019

This is what it sounds like to start something new! I am is coming out from behind the scenes to share what it is to be a True Creator of your own life and takes you on the journey to create a life you desire to live.

Life is an ongoing adventure and sitting still really isn't my style. There is so much more available to us and I never intend on reaching a peak. Every day feels new and out of my depth. So here I am coming out from behind the scenes sharing my journey and my love of creation (and that is not what you think it is).


In this episode check out

  • my mathematical/life equation on how I got started to make the changes in my life and business and I still use it every day.
  • why I shouldn't be doing this.....
  • and how come "The True Creator"?

So I thought I had nothing to say worth sharing..... I changed that point of view. Here I go!

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