I started with an idea and an iPhone...
I had no idea where it was going to take me but it took me on an adventure to creating MY business, not what everyone else was creating but on that journey of what I knew was possible.
Now I am hired for my innovative insights.... My expertise is to bring out the best in YOU. 
The short version - I work in social media and marketing for some of the best personal development thought leaders in the world and Managing Director for Access Consciousness International. 
I do come out from behind the social media and marketing scenes and facilitate classes and workshops live and online around creating a business you deserve and a life you desire to live. 

Life is all about living it on your terms! I spent too long shying away from how different I am and failed miserably at fitting in. I am on my own personal adventure to fully explore the difference that I am in the world and enjoy it. 

Now, most days, after leaving my 9-5, you will find me somewhere in the world at my laptop asking what's next.... with social media, marketing and sharing life changing tools and information with the world!
Some people call me the quiet creator and a total geek! You will never know what I'm going to say or do next.... But I'm known most for my enthusiasm for what I do.
I now travel the world sharing the tools I used to change my life at live workshops and online seminars.
I work with people who know there is a different possibility with life and business, looking to spread their message out into the world and most importantly in ways that work for them. After all there is only one of you everyone else is taken.

When I am not at my laptop, I do tend to talk about life and business a lot. I love people that see a greater possibility for the world. 
When I'm not talking, I'm walking. I get to see the most beautiful places in the world including the beauty of home (Ireland). This gets me inspired.
I wake up every day grateful. I'm the girl who was never going to make it.... that is if I were to believe everyone else.
I grew a business fast and I don't intend to stop here.... I grew into areas I never thought I could have seen myself. I have stepped out from behind the scenes in life and business. Talking more, leading more, exploring more and living more.

My Manifesto Is Simple...

Be grateful for everything - If you feel out of your depth it's a good place to be - It never shows up the way you think it will - You got this....


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